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The Site-Based Fisheries Refugia Management Boards shall operate on the basis of consensus to:

  1. Meet on a monthly basis during the project inception period and a quarterly basis thereafter to guide the timely execution of activities to establish and operate fisheries refugia;

  2. Receive, review and approve reports from the Fisheries Refugia Management Team regarding the outputs and outcomes of project activities;

  3. Assist the Fisheries Refugia Management Team in ensuring co-ordination among the fisheries refugia project and other local activities undertaken during the course of the project to further enhance local capacity to strengthen the integration of fisheries and habitat management;

  4. Review stakeholder involvement in project activities and take action where necessary to ensure appropriate levels of government, NGO, community, and private sector engagement;

  5. Ensure compatibility between the recommendations for action at the fisheries refugia site with other local level activities for fisheries and coastal habitat management;

  6. Review and evaluate, at the site level, progress in implementation of the project, and provide guidance for improvement to the Fisheries Refugia Management Team and National Fisheries Refugia Committee;

  7. Approve quarterly progress reports for transmission to the meetings of the National Fisheries Refugia Committee;

  8. Facilitate the approval and implementation by the competent municipal authority, management plans and courses of action developed during the course of project execution;

  9. Assist the Fisheries Refugia Management Team in leveraging required project co-financing and additional funds that may be required from time to time;

  10. Work with the Fisheries Refugia Management Team in identifying best practices for replication and scaling-up as well as the mainstreaming of the fisheries refugia approaches at the local level; and

  11. Agree at their first meeting:
    1. the membership, meeting arrangements, and terms of reference of the committee
    2. such standing orders and manner of conducting business as may be considered necessary by the committee.













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