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The SEAFDEC/UNEP/GEF South China Sea Fisheries Refugia Initiative participated in the 18th Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) annual consultative meeting convened by IOC and LME:LEARN in Paris from 5-8 December. The SEAFDEC initiative contributed to the work of the LME governance and information and data management working groups. The fisheries refugia initiative was also showcased during a governance session dedicated to spatial planning for LME management.

Given the limited integration of the work of fisheries and environment ministries in Southeast Asia and many other parts of the world, the establishment and operation of the regional system of fisheries refugia provides an opportunity to learn how to integrate fisheries and coastal habitat management. It is anticipated that the experience gained in the South China Sea region through this initiative will be applied in other marine areas where over-fishing and the use of inappropriate fishing gear are significant impediments to more sustainable exploitation of fisheries resources and the use of coastal habitats. To help share best practices and lessons learned a Facebook page for the initiative has been set-up at Please like our Facebook page to receive regular updates on project progress and innovations.

Fisheries Refugia on Google Maps

Baseline coastal habitat area information can be accessed on Goggle Maps by clicking here. Google Earth users can load this information and data by clicking here.


Following a lengthy preparation phase, which involved several regional consultations and national workshops, this project was recently endorsed by the GEF’s Chief Executive Officer. As the regional executing entity for the project, SEAFDEC has subsequently signed a Project Cooperation Agreement with UNEP and the project has officially entered its inception phase. SEAFDEC is presently completing a series of inception phase tasks and will convene the Inception Workshop to launch this important regional project in Bangkok, Thailand from 1st to 3rd November 2016 at the Jasmine Executive Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.

This initiative entitled the “Establishment and Operation of a Regional System of Fisheries Refugia in the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand Sea" is working with communities and governments to integrate habitat and biodiversity conservation considerations into fishery management and practices. The initiative is financed by the Global Environment Facility, implemented by the United Nations Environment Programme, and executed regionally by the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center in partnership with the government agencies responsible for fisheries in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.













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