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SCS:LEARN - Stories from the South China Sea: Promoting Gender Equality in Fisheries

This ‘Story from the South China Sea’ aims to contribute to regional efforts to promote gender equality in fisheries. The seafood supply system of Southeast Asia differs from many other parts of the world where whole families are often involved in the activity of fishing, act as market analysts, work on construction of fishing vessels and gear, right through to often running small seafood outlets that are enjoyed by the more than 300+ million people that live in coastal areas of places like the South China Sea. Of particular importance is the role of women in fisheries whom, among other things, often possess incredibly valuable information and knowledge about fish stocks and markets for seafood products, work as communicators of information about rules and regulations to protect family financial interests, and interface with administrations to support strengthened small-scale fisheries management. The need to better harness women’s knowledge and skills in fisheries is highlighted.