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SCS:LEARN - Stories from the South China Sea: Land-Based Pollution

This is the 3rd in a series of short films presenting the issue of land-based pollution in the South China Sea. Actions of governments, coastal communities and civil society organisations to help plan infrastructure investments using scientific tools developed through the UNEP/GEF South China Sea project are highlighted. This is the unique aspect of this initiative, in that it aims to provide tools for better management of land-based pollution in order to bring about transformational change in how counrties manage wastes associated their burgeoning economies. The environmental costs of meeting global demand for seafood, high-end electronics, and ideallic holiday getaway destinations from the global community are presented and discussed briefly in the context of the need to think globally, and act locally. Please follow and like this page to see more films, and also share with your colleagues and other ocean leaders to help spread the word of the many successes being achieved here in Southeast Asia.